Meet our expert fixer in production services and logistics for international shootings in Valencia. 

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What does a fixer in Valencia do?

Our fixers in Valencia are in charge of coordinating and organizing international shootings in the area.

The fixer is in charge of the main tasks of an audiovisual production, such as research, location scouting, schedules, translations, contact with institutions, bookings, transports, and more.

What can our fixers in Valencia do for you?

Our fixers have a long experience in foreign audiovisual productions. They are in charge of carrying out all the necessary services so that everything goes as planned.

Find out what our fixer in Valencia can do for your audiovisual production!

01. Production permits

The fixer in Valencia takes care of all the paperwork involved in a production since each location requires different permits. Regardless of whether they are shooting permits or location permits obtaining them is not an easy process, however, the fixer will quickly resolve them for you.

02. Crew sourcing

We will find the most talented and experienced team to carry out your audiovisual project. In addition, among our profiles we have English-speaking professionals who will facilitate the communication with the international production company during the whole process.

03. Equipment rental

Our fixer in Valencia knows all the equipment rental stores in the city and maintains contact with many of them offering complete kits (including lighting and grip equipment) at a very competitive price and fully insured.

04. Transportation & catering

We handle all the services required during the audiovisual production, including transportation and catering, managed by our fixer in Valencia. Our fixer in Valencia handles everything from restaurant reservations to the booking of airplane tickets.

05. Accommodation

The fixer of our team in Valencia knows the local hotel and apartment companies and has partnerships with some of them. Therefore, he knows which companies to contact in case of requiring accommodation to cover the needs of each production.

06. Location scouting

Our fixer in Valencia has a list with a wide variety of locations to offer the most appropriate and unique for each shoot. In addition, he has a great capacity to research and quickly find new locations when none of them fit your project.


For years Valencia has been one of the most popular cities for filming in Spain and the number of audiovisual productions is constantly increasing. Valencia stands out for its rich historical and monumental heritage, as its territory has witnessed Roman, Muslim and Christian culture. In fact, it is one of the oldest cities in the Iberian Peninsula.

Discover what locations our fixer in Valencia can offer you: from the old town area to the most futuristic structures of the city.

For a complete list of locations in Valencia, you can access the Valencia Film Office directory. However, here you will find the locations that we consider to be the most important for cinematographic filming in Valencia:


One of the most emblematic places in Valencia. It is an architectural complex designed by Santiago Calatrava in which festivals, shootings, spots and film and series shootings have been held. Its modern and futuristic structures made of white ¨trencadís¨ position this "city" as one of the best settings for filming foreign productions.


The Albufera Natural Park is a wetland on the coast of Valencia, located only 20 km from the city center. Its 200km² of rice fields, its forest, boat rides and dreamy sunsets have made it famous as one of the best natural sites in the Mediterranean basin.


El Carmen is a neighborhood in the historic center of Valencia that houses the most significant monuments and touristic attractions of the city. It is an area that stands out for its special charm: its terraces, museums or markets, as well as its narrow streets full of architecture and urban art where you can breathe the true essence of the city.


La Muralla Roja is located in Calpe (Alicante), very close to the city of Valencia. It is a constructivist building by the architect Ricardo Bofill with residential buildings connected to each other. Although it is a private location, its architectural and artistic value has positioned it as the setting for the filming of commercials, shootings and advertising campaigns.


The ¨Salinas de Torrevieja¨ are located in the south part of Alicante and even though they are situated farther away from Valencia than the rest of the locations, we can assure you that it is worth filming there. It is a lagoon surrounded by huge mountains of salt and purple waters (due to the high salinity of the water). These pinkish tones that surround the landscape make it one of the most popular locations for filming commercials and fashion collections.

Why filming in Valencia?

Mild temperatures: When it comes to filming an audiovisual production it is essential to have good weather conditions so that everything goes smoothly. Valencia is characterized for its mild temperatures, typical of the Mediterranean coast, which are neither too high nor too low. Its average annual temperature is 20ºC.

Daylight hours: Like the climate, it is also very important to have good light during film shoots. Valencia is one of the cities in Spain with more hours of daylight; studies confirm that it has approximately 300 days of sunshine per year.

Film subsidies: Valencia has subsidies and tax incentives of 20% for international productions that are offered in the local area. In addition, the entire city is free of occupation fees on public space and beaches.

Wide artistic industry: There is a wide variety of artistic fields in Valencia, from cinematographic to advertising or animation. Many of its professionals are recognized nationally and internationally. In addition, it should not be forgotten that Valencia has a group of Falleros Artists who specialize in building any type of set.

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Who has worked with our fixer in Valencia

These are some of the audiovisual productions in which our fixers in Valencia have worked. 

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EA Sports fixer in spain
Lidl fixer in spain
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What can I expect from a local fixer when I shoot in Valencia?

Our fixers in Valencia have vast experience in the production and logistics of foreign audiovisual productions. The combination of their knowledge of the local area and the industry, as well as their talent and passion, allows them to achieve outstanding results. 

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Services for any media project

Our fixer in Valencia delivers a completely transparent workflow on every production. We believe that keeping an honest relationship with our clients is essential in order to achieve a successful project.

This is why the fixer also handles every little step that is necessary to carry out your audiovisual production, keeping you updated at all times. This includes, for example, arranging interviews, researching or helping you find accommodation.

Our fixers in Valencia can help you produce:

Corporate & brand videos

Service & product videos

Documentary films

Photo shootings

Feature films

Music videos

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together

More questions for our fixer in Valencia:

What if we want to film in another city besides Valencia?

No problem! If you are interested in shooting in another city you can contact one of our other fixers around Spain.

We want to shoot in Valencia, but are not able to travel. Do you do remote shootings?

Yes, our fixer in Valencia can do local productions without you leaving your country. You will be able to maintain real-time contact with our team, supervise and collaborate as if you were on set.

Do you have your own equipment?

Yes, we work with our own equipment, but we also collaborate with reliable film equipment rental companies in Valencia in case it is needed.

We need a last minute request. Can you help?

Of course! Our fixer in Valencia will be available at all times to quickly carry out any last minute change or urgency needed in the shooting to obtain the best results.

Can the fixer in Valencia also help with post-production?

Yes, our fixer in Valencia takes care of in-house post-production tasks. However, he also has contact with post production companies in the city in case it is necessary.

It´s time to build something together. Find a fixer in Spain.

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