Meet our expert fixer in production services and logistics for international shootings in Madrid. 

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What does a fixer in Madrid do?

Our fixers in Valencia are in charge of coordinating and organizing international shootings in the area.

The fixer is in charge of the main tasks of an audiovisual production, such as research, location scouting, schedules, translations, contact with institutions, bookings, transports, and more.

What can our fixers in Madrid do for you?

Our fixers have a long experience in foreign audiovisual productions. They are in charge of carrying out all the necessary services so that everything goes as planned.

Find out what our fixer in Madrid can do for your audiovisual production!

01. Transportation

Our fixer in Madrid handles all transportation needs for your audiovisual production. From airplane reservations to bus rentals.

02. Equipment rental

Thanks to the connection of our fixer in Madrid with the main equipment rental companies in the city, you can get complete kits at an exclusive price and fully insured. Including lighting equipment and heavy duty grip.

03. Accommodation

Our fixer in Madrid has the best selection of local hotels and apartments, which allows you to choose from a wide variety of accommodations according to the needs of each specific project.

04. Filming & location permits

The fixer in Madrid is well aware of all the permits and paperwork required to film in each location. Therefore, he will take care of them promptly before starting the production.

05. Find the perfect location

Our fixer in Madrid is in charge of finding the most special and unique locations in the city in order to choose the ones that best suit your audiovisual project.

06. Crew sourcing

The crew of our fixer in Madrid is made up of English-speaking professionals with experience and talent to carry out international audiovisual productions.


Madrid has been the scene of thousands of successful audiovisual productions. Its wide range of locations spread throughout its 179 municipalities make it one of the best communities for filming in Spain. Our fixer in Madrid will propose you from historical buildings with the most emblematic outdoor spaces, to the most modern penthouses with the best views of the city.

If you want to get a complete list of locations in Madrid, you can access the Madrid Film Office directory. However, here are the locations that we consider to be the best to shoot in Madrid:


The ¨Palacio de Cristal¨ is a metal and glass space located in the Retiro Park since 1887. It is surrounded by a lake and lawn hills, making it one of the most beautiful places in Madrid. Its structure is formed by three structures and a dome with a height of 22.60 meters. In addition, its characteristic granite staircases and huge stained glass windows supported by Ionic style columns make it a unique interior space for film shoots.


The ¨Parque del Retiro¨ is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid. It has 118 hectares of green areas including some of the most renowned architectural complexes like the Parterre, the Estanque Grande, the Puerta de Felipe IV, the Real Observatorio Astronómico or the Palacios de Velázquez and the Palaces of Velázquez and Cristal. All this landscape features make the Retiro one of the favorite places to shoot in Madrid.


The ¨Cerro del Tio Pio¨ park is made up of seven hills that allow you to enjoy from the heights a panoramic view of the city of Madrid. It is located away from the center, in the district of Puente de Vallecas, and is chosen as one of the best places in Madrid to watch the sunset.
It is one of the green areas of Madrid often selected for cinematographic shootings like Aida, Fisica o Quimica, Vive Cantando and Fuga de Cerebros.


The Círculo de Bellas Artes is a private non-profit cultural entity that stands out for its 56-meter high rooftop overlooking Alcalá Street. It offers a spectacular 360º panoramic view of the entire urban landscape of the city of Madrid.
It was founded in 1880 and declared in 1921 "Center for the Protection of Fine Arts and Public Utility".


Puerta del Sol is one of the most emblematic plazas in Madrid. It is surrounded by the most historical streets of Madrid like Mayor, Alcalá or Preciados. It has some of the most recognized icons of the city of Madrid like the kilometer 0, the statue of the Bear, Strawberry Tree and the clock of the Casa de Correos, from where the New Year's Eve bells are rung. Its artistic beauty has inspired numerous paintings and songs, which is why it has also been chosen as the setting for more than 500 audiovisual productions.


Netflix Spain has an entire production and post-production center made up of five sets where filmmakers work for the making of certain series or commercials. In addition to its impressive and original sets, the complex stands out for including in its facilities other spaces such as production offices, makeup, hairdressing or wardrobe.

Why filming in Madrid?

Transport system: Madrid is one of the cities in Spain with the best transportation system. The community has metro lines, urban and interurban buses, suburban trains, airport and the central road network. In addition, the frequency and regularity between means of transport is very high.

Tax incentives: Madrid has a 20% tax rebate for foreign companies that operate in the city.

Opportunities: Madrid, as the capital of Spain, has the largest number of inhabitants in the country. Therefore, it can count on a wide variety of qualified labor profiles such as directors, technicians, engineers, cameramen and extras.

Perfect weather: Producers choose Madrid as a filming location because of its good weather. It is a mild climate with neither very high nor very low temperatures and very low rainfall, so weather delays are unlikely. In fact, Madrid is considered the European capital with the most hours of sunshine per year.

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Who has worked with our fixer in Madrid

These are some of the audiovisual productions in which our fixers in Madrid have worked. 

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EA Sports fixer in spain
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luanvi fixer in spain
bbc fixer in spain
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What can I expect from a local fixer when I shoot in Madrid?

Our fixers in Madrid are very familiar with the location where the shooting will take place. Their experience in the industry and their knowledge of the city of Madrid are a key factor for a successful production. 

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High experience and talent

The main strength of our fixers in Madrid resides in their experience. They are familiar with all the areas of the city and know which locations are the most suitable for each type of shooting. They also know all the necessary paperwork and permits for all the locations.

Our fixers have a great ability for finding new and unique locations, this is because they do it from the great enthusiasm they feel towards the world of filmmaking. Every decision is made from their own passion.

Our fixers in Madrid can help you produce:

Service & product videos

Documentary films

Feature films

Music videos

Corporate & brand videos

Photo shootings

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together

More questions for our fixer in Madrid:

What if we want to film in another city besides Madrid?

No problem! Just as we have our fixer in Madrid, we have many other producers in the rest of Spain.

We want to shoot in Madrid, but are not able to travel. Do you do remote shootings?

Yes, we do remote productions from Madrid. Remote participants can supervise and contribute to the shoot as if they were on set themselves. Real-time cameras and communication channels allow people who are unable to travel for the shooting.

Do you have your own equipment?

Yes, we have our own equipment. We also have contact with the best film rental companies in Madrid.

We need a last minute request. Can you help?

Absolutely. Our fixer in Madrid will be at your disposal for any last minute request or change that needs to be made in the film shoot to get the best results.

Can the fixer in Madrid also help with post-production?

Of course, our fixer in Madrid will be in charge of managing in-house editing services or contacting post production professionals in Madrid if necessary.

It´s time to build something together. Find a fixer in Spain.

In addition to our fixer in Madrid, meet our fixer in Barcelona, fixer en Valencia and fixer in Baleares.

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