Meet our expert fixer in production services and logistics for international shootings in Baleares. 

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What does a fixer in Baleares do?

Our fixers in Baleares are experts in the entire area of the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Therefore, they are in charge of executing projects for international film shootings that want to carry out an audiovisual production in the local territory.

Some of the tasks offered by our fixer in Baleares are the scheduling, booking arrangements, budgeting, transportation, translations, and location scouting.

What can our fixers in Baleares do for you?

The great local knowledge that our fixers in Baleares have allows them to carry out audiovisual productions that are well organized and have satisfactory results. Their experience, responsibility and enthusiasm will make your film shoot a success.

Find out what our fixer in Baleares can do for your audiovisual production!

01. Accommodation

If during the shooting of your audiovisual project it is necessary to sleep in any city of the Balearic Islands, our fixer in Baleares will take care of finding and booking the accommodation. He also has a list of hotels and apartment chains with whom he has agreements.

02. Transportation & catering

Any transportation required for the film shooting, as well as the daily catering services, are contracted by our fixer in Baleares. From the purchase of airline tickets to the booking of shuttle buses.

03. Location scouting

Our fixer in Baleares has an extensive list of locations from where to choose from. It also has a great research capacity to find new locations that bring something unique and special to your audiovisual production.

04. Equipment rental

The fixer in Baleares is in charge of booking the audiovisual equipment in the main rental companies in the Balearic Islands, and also with some of them we have agreements where we can get complete kits at an exclusive price . Including the rental of lighting and grip equipment.

05. Crew sourcing

The fixer in the Balearic Islands carries out a search for the best team with experience and talent in the audiovisual field. We also have English speakers among the professionals who can translate and facilitate the communication with the foreign company.

06. Production Permits

All the permits required to carry out the film shooting are processed and managed by our fixer in Baleares. Thanks to his local knowledge he can perform this task in a fast and efficient way.


The Balearic Islands offers you a wide range of ideal locations for filming audiovisual projects. Its characteristic crystalline waters, the numerous natural landscapes, the sunsets and white facades form the perfect film scenario.

Our fixer in Baleares will offer you the most suitable locations for your project: from the best scenic views to a port where you can film the fisherman’s world.

If you want to get a complete list of locations in the Balearic Islands, you can access the Illes Balears Film Commission directory. However, here are the locations that we consider to be the best for film shootings in the Balearic Island:



The ¨Cabo de Formentor¨ is located in the north of Mallorca, and it is one of the most significant natural sites of the island. There is a road that runs along the entire cliff and leads to the lighthouse of Formentor. The impressive views have made this place one of the most chosen sceneries for car advertisements.



Mahon, the capital of Menorca, has the second largest natural harbor in the world. This is a very beautiful location for filming, it is full of fishing boats, vantage points and lighthouses. All of these elements form a beautiful setting that is even more impressive at sunrise or sunset. On top of that, it is right next to the historic center of the island, which still maintains the historic facades of the British colony.



This is an islet located 2 km off the coast of Ibiza that is part of a nature reserve. It is formed by a peculiar topography with a height of 382 meters that allows it to be easily recognized from many points of the island. It is one of the best sunset views of Ibiza, so it is common for people to go to the beach of Cala D'Hort or the Tower of Es Savinar to see it.



This beach of almost 500 meters long is located in the north of Formentera and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It stands out for its crystalline and turquoise waters, combined with the pinkish tones formed by the corals next to white sand. The tranquility and natural beauty makes it one of the most attractive beaches for filming movies.

Why filming in Baleares?

Tax incentives: The Balearic Islands have a 20% tax discount for foreign production companies that hire the services of a Spanish production company.

Mediterranean climate: The Mediterranean climate guarantees you a minimum probability of having to interrupt outdoor filming, as it is characterized by mild average temperatures and low rainfall throughout the year. You can enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and 15 hours of sunshine per day during the summer.

Dream beaches: The Balearic Islands have some of the most beautiful seaside locations in Spain. Their distinctive crystal-clear waters combined with the natural scenery and beautiful sunsets make these islands one of the best locations for filming in Spain.

Easy transportation: There is very good communication within the Balearic Islands. The trip between the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera takes only 20 minutes.

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Who has worked with our fixer in Baleares

Here are some of the audiovisual productions where our fixers in Baleares have worked. 

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What can I expect from a local fixer when I shoot in Baleares?

Our fixers in Baleares start with a high knowledge of the local area, which facilitates and speeds up all the procedures and activities that must be carried out during an audiovisual production. This previous experience, their talent and passion for the audiovisual world makes them the perfect fit for your shooting.

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Help with the main tasks of your production

Our fixer in Baleares is in charge of managing and executing all the main tasks of your audiovisual production. This includes: location research, bookings, scheduling, claim sheets, transportation, equipment rental , contact with government institutions, etc…

In addition, they also carry out all the translation work, always taking into account the context of the project.

Our fixers in Baleares can help you produce:

Documentary films

Feature films

Music videos

Corporate & brand videos

Photo shootings

Service & product videos

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together

More questions for our fixer in Baleares:

What if we want to film in another city besides Baleares?

We have equipment all over Spain, so you can hire our fixer in Baleares at the same time as another fixer in another city in the country.

We want to shoot in Baleares, but are not able to travel. Do you do remote shootings?

Yes, our fixer manages the film shootings from the Balearic Islands but maintains contact with the foreign production company at the same time. This way, the production company can also collaborate in the project from the distance.

Do you have your own equipment?

Yes, we have our own equipment, which is what we generally use. However, we have contact with the best film equipment rental companies in the Balearic Islands in case you need other types of equipment.

We need a last minute request. Can you help?

Of course! For any change or last minute request our fixer in Baleares will be at your disposal to assist you.

The fixer in Baleares puede ayudar también con la postproducción?

Yes, the fixer in Baleares takes care of in-house post-production services. If you need more advanced post-production services, the fixer in Baleares also maintains contact with professionals in the Balearic Islands.

It´s time to build something together. Find a fixer in Spain.

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