Meet our expert fixer in production services and logistics for international shootings in Barcelona. 

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What does a fixer in Barcelona do?

Our fixers in Barcelona are experienced on international audiovisual productions. They have extensive experience on any kind of film production and they are familiar with the area, so they are able to promptly execute all the necessary procedures in order to achieve the desired results.

The fixer is in charge of the main tasks of an audiovisual production, such as research, location scouting, schedules, translations, contact with institutions, bookings, transports, and more.

What can our fixers in Barcelona do for you?

Our fixers in Barcelona take care of everything you need to make your shooting perfect. All the services they perform are done from their own experience, skills and passion.

Discover everything our fixer in Barcelona can do for your audiovisual production!

01. Equipment rental

The rental of local equipment is vital for foreign production companies , so it is necessary to know which suppliers are renting equipment in the city. Our fixer in Barcelona has contact with the best rental companies in the industry, so they offer complete kits at an exclusive price with full insurance coverage. Including high quality lighting and grip equipment.

02. Location scouting

Our fixer in Barcelona knows the best places in the city to shoot any type of production. And if none of the locations on his list fits the project, he will look for more specific and suitable locations for your project.

03. Production permits

The fixer in Barcelona takes care of all the permit requirements for each film shoot. Thanks to his local knowledge, he is able to resolve all the paperwork efficiently before the audiovisual production begins.

04. Crew sourcing

We have a dedicated team in Barcelona with a great deal of experience and talent, who work hard to move each project forward. Our team also includes English speaking professionals who take care of the translations during the productions.

05. Transportation & catering

Our fixer in Barcelona takes care of finding and hiring all the production vehicles: vans, minibusses, airplanes, trucks, etc., as well as all the food and catering needed during the shooting.

06. Accommodation

Our team has agreements with different hotels and apartments companies in case you need. The fixer in Barcelona will be in charge of finding the most appropriate one and book it for you.


Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain for filming, thanks to its economy, cultural and artistic heritage, sports and recreational activities. In fact, it is one of the most recognized Spanish cities worldwide.

Our fixer in Barcelona will be able to offer you the most diverse locations. From architectonical buildings in the interior to breathtaking beaches along the coastline.

If you want to get a complete list of locations in Barcelona, you can access the Barcelona film Commission directory. However, below we show you the locations that we consider to be the most important for cinematographic productions in Barcelona:


This iconic Gothic church designed by Gaudí has been the setting for many well-known films in the world of cinema. It is considered a World Heritage Site. Its impressive interior and its distinctive exterior make it easy for the viewer to identify the location of the film in the city of Barcelona.


Las Ramblas connects Plaza Catalunya to the old port of Barcelona. All kinds of audiovisual productions have been filmed on this 1,200-meter-long boulevard. Its spaciousness, leisure and cultural charm make it one of the best locations in Barcelona.


This monastery (now a sanctuary) has a beautiful natural setting surrounded by steep mountains. In addition to being a hub for tourism and pilgrimage of the Marian Route, it stands out for its views, rich heritage, gastronomic and natural scenery.


Park Güell is one of Barcelona's main scenarios for filming. This park of more than 17 hectares stands out for its areas and sculptures decorated with colorful ceramic mosaics. It also has several cultural monuments, including the Calvary Monument, from where you can enjoy the best views of the city of Barcelona.


Sitges is one of the star locations in Barcelona during the summer season. It is known for its great focus on tourism, gastronomy, cultural heritage and cinematic atmosphere, and it is also the site of the Sitges Film Festival. Its cobblestone streets, white houses and dream beaches make it one of the best places to shoot in Barcelona.

Why filming in Barcelona?

Tax incentives: Barcelona offers a 20% tax incentive to foreign companies filming in the city.

Coastal area: Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast, so it has a large number of beaches and small bays where you can film. In fact, some of Barcelona’s beaches are among the most beautiful in Spain, such as Begur, Sitges and Tossa de Mar.

Green spaces: Although Barcelona is on the coast, it also has many beautiful green areas that can be used as locations for audiovisual productions. Some of the most famous are the Botanical Garden, the Palau de les Heures Gardens and Park Güell.

Mediterranean climate: Many foreign companies choose Barcelona for their filming project because of the Mediterranean climate. It is known for its hot and dry summers and mild winters, so temperatures are usually good. However, its main advantage is that it offers many hours of sunshine per year and it only snows in the high mountain areas.

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Who has worked with our fixer in Barcelona

These are some of the audiovisual productions in which our fixers in Valencia have worked. 

Mr muscle fixer in spain
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Kia fixer in spain
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collegiate fixer in spain
EA Sports fixer in spain
Lidl fixer in spain
reebok fixer in spain
luanvi fixer in spain
bbc fixer in spain
primark fixer in spain
spotify fixer in spain

What can I expect from a local fixer when I shoot in Barcelona?

Our fixers in Barcelona are experts on international film shoots. Their talent, passion, background in the industry and knowledge of the local area are the perfect components to make successful projects. 

Incredible database of locations

Our fixer in Barcelona has a long list of locations where he works on a regular basis and knows them inside out. Therefore, he knows how to choose the perfect location for each shoot in terms of budget, permits, parking, transportation and catering.

In addition, Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain that offers the widest variety of locations. So, if a location in the database does not fit your production, our fixer in Barcelona is always able to find the perfect place for your project.

Our fixers in Barcelona can help you produce:

Feature films

Music videos

Photo shootings

Documentary films

Service & product videos

Corporate & brand videos

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together

More questions for our fixer in Barcelona:

What if we want to film in another city besides Barcelona?

No problem! If you are interested in shooting in another city you can contact one of our other fixers around Spain.

We want to shoot in Barcelona, but are not able to travel. Do you do remote shootings?

Yes, our fixer in Valencia can do local productions without you leaving your country. You will be able to maintain real-time contact with our team, supervise and collaborate as if you were on set.

Do you have your own equipment?

Yes, we work with our own equipment, but we also collaborate with reliable film equipment rental companies in Barcelona in case it is needed.

We need a last minute request. Can you help?

Of course! Our fixer in Barcelona will be available at all times to quickly carry out any last minute change or urgency needed in the shooting to obtain the best results.

Can the fixer in Barcelona also help with post-production?

Yes, our fixer in Barcelona takes care of in-house post-production tasks. However, he also has contact with post production companies in the city in case it is necessary.

It´s time to build something together. Find a fixer in Spain.

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