The best filming production services for foreign companies in Spain

Our top talented team of experts will deliver hight quality content and incomparable production and logistical services to clients worldwide.

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Do you need a producer who handles the preproduction as if you were on location? Do you need local knowledge for a great research? Do you need help with the bureaucratic processes to get location permits and production incentives? Don’t worry we are here to take care of everything

We will manage your production from the earlier steps of the project such as research, scouting, script, logistics, crew or camera equipment rental to the last steps offering postproduction services in Spain such as editing, color correction and sound design.




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01. Location scout & recce

Our team will help you find the perfect location for your project. Also we will assist you with the scouting trip to any location in Spain. We coordinate and accompany you during the recce.

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02. Light and grip

Grip and light is one of the services that foreign production companies need the most. It is better to rent this heavy and fragile equipment locally. This is why we offer the most innovative led lights and the toughest grip equipment.

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03. Crew sourcing

We have a wide range of English speaker professionals with international experience. All of them are hard workers, keeping always that good attitude that makes the set a friendly and easy going space to create.

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04. Filming & location permits

Each country has its own film commission, advice and application criteria for filming permits, as well as individual location permits. All this involves complicated paperwork, which as a production company, we solve quickly.

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05. Equipment rental

If you need equipment in any country, or perhaps a complete kit, we know all the leading equipment rental companies and keep a good relationship with them so we benefit from the most competitive rates  normally would not be available to anyone else. Also have full production insurance.

Service No.

06. Transportation & accommodation

We take care of all the aspects of transportation. From booking flights to organizing the land transport finding the most cost-efficient: mini buses, vans , SUV, etc.
Also we have alliances with different accommodation companies in Spain so we can offer a wide variety of hotels and apartments according to your needs.


Figures don’t lie and that is why Spain is an unbeatable place to locate your next production.  Spain combines amazing World Heritage sites with breathtaking futuristic architecture and stunning landscapes. Find the best locations for your film. We look forward to meeting you!


Spain's historical and architectural heritage is absolutely unique. It features castles, medieval villas, windmills, ancient walls, mountain and coastal villages, churches and chapels, aqueducts and forts… All of these combined with our modern cities, airports, ports and other infraestructures make a wonderful contrast that can easily transport us to other eras or drive us forward into the future.


Picturesque fishing villages, majestic seaside towns in the north, pristine coves, volcanic beaches in the Canary Islands, fine sandy Mediterranean beaches, turquoise water in the Balearic Islands… The variety of Spain’s 8,000 kilometres of coastline in three different seas and thousands of hours of sunshine every year make our country the best scenery for any project.


Our impressive catalogue of locations features all kinds of unspoilt and stunning nature, from mountains, deserts, forests and sand dunes to rivers, lakes, natural parks, tropical areas and flatlands. Spain has a lot to offer —don’t miss the opportunity to discover our landscape.


We want to be your first choice. If you are intending to make your project in Spain, do not hesitate to talk to us and we will offer all the amenities to make you feel at home.


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“Everything was great! Everyone is super happy with the production.”

Alan Pierson. Producer Pringles / Gate Reality

“You did to make this week a success! What an epic shoot! I can’t even express how much we appreciate all the hard work. We experienced some amazing and beautiful pieces of nature, culture, and history while we worked in paradise!”

Joyce G. Producer UNICO / 1trickpony

“Your footage looks stunning!”

Terren Lyn. Editor Playboy

«Everything we have asked for has been achieved. A very professional company, immediate reaction to unforeseen events, I have no doubt that they have been crucial in bringing this production forward.»

Kike Tejedor. Tejedor Publicitario

«An extremely enthusiastic and professional crew. Fonktown is an excellent company that can bring a great approach to any production in Mexico.»

Bill Burton. Producer

“Without their help we could never achieve it. Really professional company.”

Brady Leifer. NY Times / Kings County Productions

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production film location

We will adapt the production to your budget to get the most out of your resources. We want you to go back home satisfied with the amazing work done and willing to come back to Spain to film again. You will have everything ready when the shooting day comes.

Are you looking for a Fixer in Spain?

From finding the most unique and special locations to providing the most professional and detailed feedback to producers, our local fixers simply bring the magic of film to life.

Our fixers love their job and are happy to work on productions of any scale and budget.

No job is too big or too small: our incredibly skilled team that is fully capable of producing creative solutions for any budget.

#1 What makes us different

We have an incredible database of locations that we are completely familiar with, but even if it is not yet in our portfolio, we will find the perfect location that will be completely in tune with your imagination and budget.

Many of our locations actively encourage the filming of productions, which means that access and permissions are instantaneous; so filming can begin immediately. Not only are they beautiful places to shoot, but they are also convenient and suitable for filming with parking, dining rooms, catering and other useful elements that any production company would want.

#2 What we offer

Fonktown provides you fixer services for any media project –photo shootings, commercials, broadcast, corporate content, music videos and documentaries all over Spain.

For a few days we will be your eyes and ears and will facilitate interviews with sources, provide context, help you move around a city you are not familiar with or find information for your documentaries and films.

We offer you all our local expertise on a total transparent process. For us the key of a successful production service is to have a honest relationship with every part involved in the shooting.

#3 The best production planning

We will help you with the main tasks of your production such location management, research, schedules, call sheets, preparation of the booklet, translation, reservations, vehicles, crew, prevention and support guide.

Our fixer will be responsible for helping the producer to contact the right institutions, companies and people to carry out the project, keeping an eye on details optimizing time.

We will carry out translation work, not only moving the language, but making the meanings clearer according to every context and country.

#4 Top fixers

Our fixers are very talented, enthusiastic and love cinema. From finding unique and special locations, to providing the most professional and detailed feedback to producers; our local producers simply bring the magic of film to life.

Their long experience is their best asset: they know places that you have only dreamed of and could never have found on your own. On top of that, their knowledge and familiarity with each location allows them to execute the procedures smoothly. From legalities, permits, paperwork, languages and equipment; to putting together an ideal professional film crew.

#5  Fixer all around Spain

We work all over the peninsula no matter the city, forest or sea. Our network let us reach the whole peninsula and Balearic Islands. Our work make us well known in Spain, which gives us direct access to government authorities and allows to get permits as fast as possible and organize your commercial or film in the most effective way.

We offer you a perfect combination of professional experience and local knowledge of the locations to make a structured, fast, and, why not? fun production.

#6 Why filming in Spain?

Amazing locations: Spain’s diverse landscapes and attractive subsidies have long held foreign filmmakers in its thrall. From Spaghetti Westerns to Game of Thrones, we take a look at how Spain attracts some of the world’s top productions and became one of the most popular filming destinations on the planet.

Tax incentives: Foreign companies shooting in Spain get a 20 per cent tax rebate, which increases to 40 per cent in the Canary Islands and to 35 per cent in Navarra. These attractive incentives are the reason why more and more productions are coming to Spain.

Perfect weather: Spain is an ideal location for shooting, and a place where weather delays are unlikely. The variety of climates, too, attracts filmmakers. From the desert of Almería to the snowcapped Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees, Spain is diverse enough to fill any necessary backdrop

Skills: Spain is home to a skilled workforce from directors and extras to technicians, engineers and cameramen.

#7 Production Support

The best team for the best filming results.

We follow professional guidelines to deliver optimal creative results that remain within available budget parameters, relying on client input. Our suggestions based on local knowledge and international expertise.


#8 Legal Advice

The best team for the best filming results.

We help you to investigate and secure the rights needed to successfully produce your project as well as ensuring that all entertainment agreements are drafted properly to optimize tax credits and intellectual property etc.

We are in constant communication with leading teams in a number of countries, including directors, cinematographers, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, electricians, hair and make-up artists, art directors, script supervisors and more.

Our fixers can help you produce:

Photo shootings

Corporate & brand videos

Service & product videos

Music videos

Documentary films

Feature films

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together

Still need more reasons for chosing us as your fixer in Spain?

What do you do?

We offer a full-service experience adapted to your needs. We will organise the production process, from the first steps all the way through to delivery, including designing the creative idea, creating a shooting plan, coordinating the shooting itself and post-production refinements.

Whether you need a single video or an ongoing content partner, we will handle every aspect of the project.

Do you work all around Spain?

Yes, we do!

We partner with a network of the most experienced local professionals, so we are present in every corner of the country.

Can you help with film permits?


We have a close relationship with local authorities, so the often arduous process of applying for filming permits becomes smoother and faster with us.

What if we want to film in more than one city?

No problem! Our extensive network of producers can help you a all around Spain.

I need a video. How much does it cost?

The short answer? It depends.

Pricing a video production requires as much information about the project as possible. We need to know the ins and outs of your project in order to make sure we approach it in the most strategic way possible. We want your production to match your needs and our team will work with you to figure out the best solution for your business at a reasonable price.

Payment method

We usually ask for part of the budget to be paid in advance. The rest should be paid right after the shooting. Any extra requirements that may arise should be added either to the second invoice or to a third extra one.

What is your process like?

Our process is focused on delivering the best video at the most cost-effective price:

  1. Every project starts with a conversation to understand the project, creative consultations with the client, creating storyboards and scripts if necessary and scheduling the shoot dates.
  2. We prepare your proposal, which outlines our suggested approach and includes an indicative budget including a breakdown per department.
  3. We’ll organise the crew and the equipment hire.
  4. We’ll oversee the work during the shooting days.
  5. Finally, we’ll prepare the material for delivery: editing, motion graphics work, title design, sound design, colour grading, transciption and translation…

What can I expect on the shooting day?

Sets are crazy, chaotic places; and shooting days on a film set can be arduous and demanding. With early starts and late finishes, a film production can be just as physically demanding as it is mentally.

This is why preproduction is essential. The most exhaustively the shooting is planned, the smoother the shooting will be.

So sit back and relax. Our producers got you covered!

We want to shoot in Spain, but are not able to travel. Do you do remote shootings?

Remote productions are a great solution for clients that want to supervise the shooting without needing to be physically present. For brands, agencies and production companies that have never considered remote production, the approach may seem dissuading, but with the right partners, communication setup and mentality the results are worthwhile.

In remote productions, camera feeds are streamed in real time to those who are unable to be physically present on set. Communication channels are established too to make sure that remote participants can contribute, approve takes and direct as if they were on set themselves.

Are you able to provide talent?

Absolutely, we have a database of models/talent agencies that we have worked with and we will show you potential options for your project.

Do you have your own equipment?

We do own some equipment, and have a great relationship with the best rental houses in the country.

We need a last minute request. Can you help?

Absolutely. Please get in touch to discuss your project and timescales. We have an in-house team and can deliver great results quickly.

Can you also help with postproduction?

Of course, we can provide some in house editing services or contact one of our talented contacts for those post production needs which are more demanding.

How will the final product be delivered?

The final product can be delivered in whatever format you need. The two most common ways to do this are:

  1. Shiping the data on a hard drive through a local courier or shipping provider.
  2. Sending data via one of several cloud-based sharing services and making that data available to others to download.

I don't know where to start.

Don’t hesitate and tell us about your project! We’ll send a proposal with a custom strategy and a creative approach for your project.

Contact with our fixer and producer Arturo Fons.

Our fixer Arturo Fons has a long experience in audiovisual productions all over Spain and more parts of the world. If you want more information or to hire a service, fill the form or call us at +34 687 987 694.