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In an audiovisual production, the locations that appear are just as important, if not more important, than other aspects such as sound, actors, or visual quality. Choosing the right location is everything in a production, which is why it is essential to know how to choose a good location scout who can find the best settings for your audiovisual production.

Do you want to know how to choose the best location scout in Spain? Keep reading and we’ll tell you!

Difference between location scout and location manager

The concept of a location scout is often confused with that of a location manager. The truth is that their functions are very similar, but they are not the same.

Depending on the size of the audiovisual production, the scouting team may consist of only the location manager or may also include a location scout.

Both the location scout and the location manager are responsible for finding ideal locations and creating a directory of locations for an audiovisual production. However, the location manager also has other functions related to the selection and management of locations, permits, and filming procedures.

In addition, the location manager (also known as the head of locations) works together with the director and producer to share creative ideas and ensures that the location scout has all the necessary locations ready for the project.

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Functions of a location scout in an audiovisual production

As we know, the main function of a location scout is to search for suitable locations for an audiovisual project, but in addition to this, they also have to carry out other smaller tasks.

These are all the functions of a location scout in an audiovisual production:

  1. Documentation ➤
  2. Location search ➤
  3. Creation of a location archive ➤


The first thing a location scout must do is thoroughly study the script of the audiovisual project, as only in this way can they find locations that perfectly represent it.

They must also gather information about the necessary permits or requirements for filming in each type of location, as these greatly influence the search for locations.

Location search

The location research is the most important function of the location scouter. He or she will be responsible of gathering a wide range of options that will need to be approved by the location manager, director, and producer.

The location scouter must have criteria when searching for locations, in addition to ensuring that they have an aesthetic image that fits the script, as there are other important aspects during filming.These include the work schedule, budget, accessibility, noise, permits and tax incentives, as well as safety and hygiene regulations.

A great help for location scouts is the existence of official location directories with a long list of recommended options for audiovisual productions. For example, the Spain Film Commission, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of Spain.

Creation of a location archive

A very important task for the location scout, which will determine their long-term experience, is the creation of a location archive where they store all the options they find and think could be used for future film projects.

This involves taking photos of the locations and noting all the details that need to be known about them. This way, even if certain locations they have searched for are not used for the current production, they can refer to their own location directory and use them for another future project.

Tips for choosing the best location scout in Spain

Locations are a fundamental aspect when translating the script into the audiovisual level, which is why it is crucial to choose a location scout who performs his duties well.

Here are some tips for choosing the best location scout in Spain:

  • Knowledge of the area: A location scout who knows the area where the filming will take place will always bring added value to the production, as they will already be familiar with many of the locations and will move around more efficiently.
  • Experience: Having a location scout with a long professional career provides access to a vast directory of locations that they have compiled during their previous audiovisual productions.
  • Travel enthusiast: If you are looking for a professional who enjoys traveling, your audiovisual production will benefit. A location scout who has traveled extensively is more likely to have documented many locations from around the world.
  • Good sense of direction: Having a keen sense of direction is beneficial for a location scout, as it allows them to efficiently navigate unfamiliar areas while searching for new locations.
  • Flexibility: The profile of a location scout involves frequent travel and nocturnal schedules for film shoots, so a flexible professional who is willing to go wherever necessary is required.

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Which location scout to choose according to the audiovisual project

Not all audiovisual productions are the same, and they do not require the same audiovisual skills. Therefore, in addition to considering the personal characteristics of the location scout, it is advisable to choose a professional who can adapt to the specific requirements of your audiovisual project.

For instance, large-scale productions require more logistical knowledge compared to simpler shoots. A location scout with experience in big projects will pay more attention to factors such as sunrise and sunset times at the location, permits, parking for vehicles, or whether the chosen space can accommodate large camera equipment like a Scorpio crane or a dolly.

On the other hand, the thematic focus of the audiovisual production also plays a significant role. It is recommended to select a location scout who specializes in spaces related to your project. For example, if the video is set in exotic beaches, a different type of location scout will be needed compared to a documentary focused on rural nature.

How a fixer can help you with your location scouting

Although we typically associate location scouting with the responsibilities of a location scout, there are other professionals who can incorporate this task into their roles, such as a fixer.

A fixer is a local professional in a specific area who handles all the pre-production, production, and post-production tasks for a foreign audiovisual project. They possess extensive local knowledge and specialized expertise in filmmaking, making them invaluable in carrying out projects for international production companies.

If you need assistance with location scouting outside your local area, our fixer in Spain can provide you with the following services:

  • Location research and documentation: A fixer can help you find the perfect location for your audiovisual project and assist in the process of exploring and documenting potential locations.
  • Permits for filming and location: By hiring a local fixer, you can benefit from their in-depth understanding of the permit application process for filming and location, ensuring a quick and seamless procedure.
  • Vehicles and logistics: All aspects related to parking vehicles, cameras, and the necessary logistics for the audiovisual production are handled by the fixer.

how a fixer can help with location scouting the fixer in spain

Types of locations you can find in Spain

Spain offers a wide range of diverse locations, making it one of the best countries for carrying out audiovisual productions. Whether you need a futuristic city, a paradisiacal beach, or a natural landscape, Spain has the perfect location for you.

Here are the types of locations you can find in Spain:


Spain boasts large cities with unique charm, making them perfect for filming audiovisual pieces.

You can find cities with significant historical and architectural heritage, including castles, medieval towns, ancient walls, churches, chapels, aqueducts, and fortresses. Additionally, there are modern cities with airports, ports, and futuristic infrastructures.

Some cities combine both elements, creating a wonderful contrast that can transport you to a bygone era or take you on a journey to the future. Valencia, for example, features the historic neighborhood of El Carmen alongside the futuristic ambiance of the City of Arts and Sciences.

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With its 8,000 kilometers of coastline divided among three different seas, Spain offers a plethora of enchanting coastal locations perfect for cinematic shoots.

Each coastal area has its unique charm, enhanced by the abundant sunshine Spain enjoys throughout the year. Among all the coastal spaces, the Balearic Islands stand out, with their picturesque fishing villages and fine sandy beaches with turquoise waters.

islas baleares location scout fixer in spain


If you’re seeking a natural environment for your audiovisual production, Spain has awe-inspiring landscapes and natural spaces to offer.

Whether within urban city centers or in remote rural areas, you can access a wide variety of mountains, forests, lakes, natural parks, and green areas.

Notable natural spaces in the country include the Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona or the Puig Mayor mountain in Mallorca, both renowned for their natural beauty.

castillo montserrat location scout fixer in Spain

Why choose our fixer in Spain as your location scouter for your production?

If you’re looking for a professional to handle the research and documentation of locations for your audiovisual project, you can rely on our Fixer in Spain as the location scouter for your production. We offer the best production services for foreign companies shooting in Spain.

Here are the reasons why you should choose our Fixer in Spain:

  • Scouting experience: Our Fixer in Spain has a long professional history in scouting services, consistently finding the perfect locations for each audiovisual production.
  • Local knowledge: Our Fixer in Spain’s extensive experience has provided them with in-depth local knowledge, making the location search process easier.
  • Service throughout Spain: Our Fixer’s services are available nationwide, ensuring they can provide you with the best locations in Spain for your project, no matter where you’re filming.
  • All types of audiovisual projects: Our Fixer in Spain has worked on various audiovisual productions over the years, gaining experience in all types of projects. Our Fixers can assist you in producing photo shoots, corporate videos, product videos, music videos, documentaries, and feature films.
  • Direct access to government authorities: Thanks to the numerous productions our Fixer in Spain has worked on, they have established contacts with all government authorities. This enables them to obtain all the necessary permits and handle the required procedures for your project quickly and efficiently.

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If you require a more comprehensive service for your project, you can also hire our Fixer in Spain.

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